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Benefits of Joining Siva Rathna’s 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Participating in Siva Rathna’s 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training will give you a lot more than just a certificate of completion!

Everyone comes to a yoga teacher training with different goals and intentions. You may be newer to yoga and want to learn more about the practice. Maybe you have been practicing for years and now feel ready to start sharing yoga with others but aren’t sure how to start. Joining our yoga teacher training is a great way to expand your knowledge base and prepare to teach yoga. Siva Rathna’s program offers various opportunities for personal and professional development.

The benefits of Siva Rathna’s 200 hours yoga teacher training are extensive. Here are just a few of the gains you can expect to receive:

Deepen your personal practice and take your practice to the next level. The first student you will work with is yourself. During the training you will learn about your body and its relationship to the different shapes and postures of yoga. You will learn the baseline alignment for different poses and ways to modify the poses for your unique body. You will create a personal practice that reflects your strengths and gives you the path to build up your practice.

Change and transformation, it's a pathway for personal growth. In Siva Rathna’s yoga teacher training we discuss our relationships to yoga and how yoga is a tool for powerful personal development. Through body and breath, reflection and contemplation, you will explore your internal landscape and discover more about your Self. Our program provides guidance on ways to expand your mindset and gain insight into your life’s purpose.

Yoga family and community support. One of the beautiful benefits of our yoga teacher training is to study and practice in a small community of like minded souls. Classmates quickly become a supportive family who are excited to see you grow and develop. You will feel seen and valued while learning in a safe space.

Learn in a small group setting with an experienced teacher. A smaller class size gives you more opportunity to interact directly with the teacher. You will receive personalized feedback related to your goals and needs. Expect your practice to grow and expand rapidly during the training.

Go beyond the physical practice. In most yoga studio classes there isn’t enough time to do more than move and breath. But yoga is a lot more than a fitness discipline. In our yoga teacher training we take time to learn the history, philosophy and ethics of yoga as well as ask questions on all topics. Valuable knowledge is gained when there is the opportunity for discussion and reflection.

Examine and explore the philosophy of yoga. Yoga is a science and technology of life that has origins in ancient times. Siva Rathna’s yoga teacher training is a great way to learn about the philosophical framework that underlies the physical practice of yoga. During our 200 hours teacher training program we explore the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, why it is still relevant today and how to integrate the teachings into our daily lives.

Explore the origins and development of yoga over the centuries, ancient to modern. Yoga has a long history that spans centuries. Learn who the early teachers and founders of yoga were and how their contributions still influence modern yoga until today.

Develop empathy, intuition and connection to others. One of the skills learned in our yoga teacher training is observation and consideration. Each student is a unique individual, our training helps you see the beauty in everyone. During the training you will learn how to hold space for others and be fully present in the moment.

Gain tools and skills to share yoga with others. A teacher needs to be able to present content in an easy to understand flow that builds up in complexity and difficulty without losing accessibility. From the words and tones of voice used, to how a practice space is organized, there are many factors that can affect a student’s experience. How to teach poses in a step by step manner and how to sequence classes in a way that increases students’ abilities all need consideration before entering the practice space. Siva Rathna’s 200 hours yoga teacher training will provide you with the tools to teach confidently and make yoga accessible to more students.

Establish a meditation practice. Meditation is an integral part of a yoga practice but it may be a part of yoga you haven’t integrated yet. In Siva Rathna’s teacher training program we learn how to establish our own meditation practice, creating a sustainable and suitable personal practice. The effects and benefits of meditation are introduced, as well as various breathing and visualization techniques. By the end of the program you will feel confident and excited to continue to explore your mind and create peace for yourself with the practice of meditation.

Learn new skills and vocabulary. From anatomy to Sanskrit to teaching methodology, a yoga teacher training asks that you learn from other disciplines in order to fully develop your understanding and ability to share yoga.

Points to Remember!

  • You do not need to be young, thin, flexible or physically strong to attend a yoga teacher training. You do need to have an open mind and be curious to learn more about yourself.

  • Yoga is non-competitive; yoga is for self-development and growth. You will set personal goals at the start of the program, and at the conclusion of the course you will evaluate your changes and development. Don’t feel intimidated or compare yourself to others.

  • Not everyone who joins a yoga teacher training wants to teach yoga. Lots of people join a yoga teacher training for the opportunity to learn more about yoga and their personal relationship to the practice. Your first student is yourself.

  • A yoga teacher training is an opportunity to learn more than what is typically offered in a yoga studio class.

  • Yoga involves both mind and body. A yoga teacher training is both interactive and reflective. You will have time to learn in groups and time to learn alone.

  • 200 hours is not enough time to learn everything there is to know about yoga. The training is an opportunity to establish a strong foundation to build upon. A serious yoga practitioner will be a lifelong student.

  • Yoga is a practice for life, there is no need to rush through content. Siva Rathna’s training takes a minimum of four to five months to complete. This gives you time to reflect, question and integrate the curriculum.

Join our upcoming 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training this September 2023 and take the first steps to increasing your knowledge and understanding of the amazing practice of Yoga!


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