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Student Testimonials

Here's what students have to say 

Sarah's classes are an unforgettable experience. Every time I walk in to one of her classes, no matter what state I am in, I leave energized, stronger, taller and lighter physically and spiritually. Sarah's positive energy is abundant, her attention to detail and alignment focus is key, her endless feedback and big heart always keeps me wanting more. My practice has developed significantly through my asana practice with Sarah or through our endless discussions and conversations. I've enjoyed Sarah's classes over the past three years, simply she's the best.  -  R. S.

Sarah has the ability to keep her classes always spontaneous and keeps me curious as to where her sequences are going to take us or what sequence we're going to do to get us to the target position! Sarah genuinely cares about her students as well as what she is teaching. Her instructions are clear and I have felt physically rewarded after every class. Escaping for a little while the stresses of routine and responsibilities, Sarah's classes help me feel energized and refreshed. Her yoga classes bring me a sense of balance and grace and I leave with a calm and focused mind every time.  I have practiced Mat yoga and Aerial Yoga with Sarah in private and in group classes, as well as private prenatal classes and I have enjoyed her mentoring throughout all and look forward to many more...  - S. S.

Sarah caught my attention when I started attending her classes in July 2012. She is charming that makes me consider teaching yoga now. When I started I really didn’t know what yoga was, she introduced me to what is yoga. She helps me build my personal practice of asana with proper alignment. She is also best in meditation and pranayama where she can bring you to the deepest practice of meditation.  Sarah as a teacher and a person of high character. She is helpful, thoughtful, resourceful, approachable and encouraging type of personality. She is a good leader; good motivator with her high energy during and after the practice will make you encouraged. Because of Sarah I can tell to my friends that I’m totally different now than before. I have many accomplishments and my life change in different direction in many levels.

I can assure anyone of you is taking class or training in related to yoga you will be satisfied with Sarah.  - C. M.

I have been a student of Sarah's for the past two years and I could with no doubt say that Sarah's yoga classes are among the best I have attended. I travel a lot for my job and make it a point to sample yoga classes where ever I go, and I found my practice with Sarah has helped me along into easing into any form of yoga class I attend and I still find myself coming back so eager to learn more from Sarah's classes. I have also done my 200 hour Yoga Teacher's Training with Sarah which allowed me to realize how well trained I have been to pass the information on as I have been taught well. I would highly recommend Sarah's classes for any level yogi or for whatever purpose it is you are looking to find out of yoga.  - M. K.

Trying to find a "good" yoga instructor in Riyadh was a difficult task. I tried to keep my expectations realistic and limited them to improving my physical strength, balance and flexibility. After finding Sarah, not only was I able to achieve that, I was able to find a sense of community, a spiritual connection and that feeling of grounding I was secretly hoping for. Practicing with Sarah, allows me to finally quiet my train of thoughts, disconnect from Riyadh traffic jams and work stress and focus on the moment and the flow of breath. I noticed great improvements in my strength after practicing aerial yoga, with my posture and balance with mat yoga, and an even greater improvement in my mood and positivity through my interactions with this beautiful soul. I feel privileged to have found a yoga instructor that I respect and love, who always challenges her students with her ever changing sequences that are miraculously never repeated!!  - N. H.

Student Feedback

If you have feedback you would like to share about your experiences in my classes, workshops and trainings, please send me your thoughts.  Thank you!

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